The restaurant is cozy and spacious with a luxurious setting, excellent service, excellent cuisine, and elite quality wines and beverages.

The unforgettable and unique performance of the overall building, decorating and furnishing of the restaurant will make you feel tenderness, warmth and tranquility, which you can find only here.

The additional comfort brought in by the fireplace, which radiates its warmth against the cold winter evening, cannot be left out.

Our menu includes traditional Bulgarian cuisine, dishes from European and Asian cuisine, a variety of appetizers, salads, fresh grilled meats, non-traditional desserts, quality wines from declared geographic areas, and on request - domestic round loaves, pies and cheese cakes, St. George lamb, stuffed piglet.

Here you will find your place for a nice, quiet conversation with friends, the opportunity for beautiful minutes with a loved one, time for business meetings, happy moments for private parties.

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