град Хисаря, спа хотелThe resort of Hissar is situated in the center of Bulgaria, on the southern slopes of Sredna Gora Mountain, with an average altitude of 360 m, at 40 km to the north of Plovdiv, at 170 km to the east of Sofia.

Archaeological studies reveal that near the Hissar mineral springs there was a settlement 5000 years BC. In 293 the Roman emperor Diocletian visited the settlement, surrounded it with walls (very well preserved until today) and declared the warm springs as imperial domain. The town received the name Diocletianopolis. In its originality and preservation, the defense system and the architecture of the Roman town Diocletianopolis ranks among the top in Europe. At many places the fortress wall reaches a height of 11 meters, and the southern fortress gate rises to 13 m.

22 mineral springs gush on the territory of Hissar. The first organized spa in Bulgaria started in Hissar. In 1882 the government of Eastern Rumelia issued "Regulations for the operation of Hissar baths”, and the Czech chemist Sosterzhonek performed chemical analysis of water from five springs in Hissar in the laboratory of the Health Board in Plovdiv . This was the first chemical analysis of mineral water in Bulgaria

The temperature of Hissar mineral water is between 37° - 52° C. In its physico-chemical quality water is clear, colorless, with pleasant taste and no smell. They are poorly mineralized (concentration of salts 200-270mg/l ), with magmatic and infiltration origin, related with the formation of mountain ranges. They are hydrocarbonate - sodium, sulfate, rich in metasilicon acid, fluorine and radon.

The climate is moderately continental. The area is protected from cold air masses by the Stara Planina Mountain and the Sredna Gora Mountain. Winter is warm and soft. The snow cover lasts on average for about 12 days. Spring is early and warm. Summer is moderately hot - average monthly temperature - 22 ° C. Autumn is moderately warm and long - by the end of October, warmer than spring with about 2° C. Cloudiness is relatively low. The average annual humidity of air is moderate (70%). Mists are relatively rare. Typically there are two peaks of humidity - June and November. The optimum air humidity is 65-70%. Maximum number of sunny days - 280.

The city is clean. Ii it and in its immediate vicinity there are no industrial enterprises. It is surrounded by forest belt and it itself is situated amidst parks and

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